Grants & Funding

Who does CWAD give grants to?

All grants are to support those who are deaf, deaf-blind or have hearing loss within the area of Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull. support is offered to organisations supporting deaf people and  people with hearing loss within the community as well as Individuals who are deaf or have hearing loss and who are struggling financially. Support is also available to those looks to access forms of education to support them on their journey.

What does CWAD give grants for?

Grants are made available for a wide range of services and support including developments in new services to support the deaf community (£2,000 per individual), events which support the deaf community (£500 per event). Grants are also made available to individuals who are in financial hardship and require addition support (£500 per individual). We also aim to support individuals who are trying to access higher education through  a £1,500 grant over the duration of a degree programme or £500 per year for full time study at a equivalent level.

CWAD’s maximum total grants in a year will vary according to the success of fundraising in any given year. All applications are considered on merit and on the funds available for grants at the time of the application.

Grants will only be given to organisations or individuals within the area of Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.

When does CWAD determine grants to be awarded:

Grants are awarded during quarterly Trustee Meetings. The trustee meeting will be held in the following months for 2016:
– January 2016
– April 2016
– July 2016
– October 2016

For more information about grants or to submit an application, please