The Charity

A Community based Charity that supports a wide range of individuals throughout Coventry, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas. 

Our aim is to support the community through all walks of life and offer services to help provide a better quality of living. Coventry and Warwickshire Association for the Deaf has been supporting the community of Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull for over 100 years.

The charity started out as the Warwickshire Deaf and Dumb Institute, under the umbrella of the Midland Counties Institute for the Deaf, in 1910. At that time the members met in the schools room at the Congregation Church on Warwick Road in Coventry.
In 1914 the organisation moved to 128 Much Park Street, meeting in the room over the watchmaker’s shop.

On April 9th 1934 the organisation changed it’s name to Warwickshire Deaf and Dumb Society and the committee bought Victorian House, Hill Street, which officially opened on December 11th 1935.

Henry Fry was appointed as Chairman of the society in May 1950. The society then changed name again in 1954 to it’s current title of Coventry & Warwickshire Association for the Deaf (CWAD). 1963 saw the CWAD registered as a Charity and relocate to a temporary building in Trafalgar Street. In 1965 the new permanent home of CWAD in Hertford Place opened to members, with it’s official opening in March 1966.

Henry Fry passed away on the 14th February 1969. A few years later CWAD agreed to name their centre in his honour and the building became know as the Henry Fry Centre. CWAD continues to strive for a world where the Deaf Community is active and thriving, and has an equal place within the wider hearing world in Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull.

Along side offering a wide range of services to enable equality in the community, we offer grants and funding for social, educational and leisure activities to help enhance social inclusion and participation.  Anyone can be a part of the group, regardless of limited levels of communication.

Funds that are raised and used to support the upkeep on the Henry Fry Community Centre to support individuals and be applied to new equipment for those who need it most.

Please contact us for more information about our services and how we can support others.
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